Affordable Industrial Roof Coatings

Industrial Rooftop and AC Unit

Industrial Roofs Need Greater Protection Against Debris, Rain, and Chemical Corrosion.

The type of roof you require for a commercial building can vary greatly according to the kind of work that building is used for. Manufacturing facility roof systems are particularly in need of additional strength, because they are vulnerable to damages from smoke and steam on the rooftop. If you have a facility roof, you’ll have to make sure your roof is protected by top quality industrial roofing materials. Since industrial roofs are made with specialized materials, their roof restoration requirements also call for special industrial-level materials. At ProCraft Exteriors, we provide professional services for industrial roof coatings in Naples and Fort Myers, FL and the nearby areas, so contact our team at (239) 288-2677 today to discover more!

Industrial Roof Coating Services

Are you wondering why commercial roof coatings and industrial roof coatings are so different? Simply put, industrial roof coatings are exposed to more debris and chemical damages than standard commercial roof systems, so they have to be more resilient. Industrial rooftops also utilize more vents and larger AC units, creating more potential gaps in waterproofing.

The coating on an industrial roof system will also have to easily form around each of the seams on the roof from vents and pipes. Anything that sticks out of the rooftop presents a possible leak, so it is critical to ensure they’re fully covered. Industrial roof coatings are very effective at filling gaps in rooftop protection, and they create a stronger defense for your roofing. Each new coating represents ten additional years in your roofing system’s lifetime, making them a great investment in the long run.

Prices For Industrial Roof Coatings

AC Units on a Rooftop

Rooftop Installations Create Gaps for that Restorative Coatings Need to Protect.

An industrial roof coating is a great option if you want to repair worn, cracked, and water-leaking sections on an industrial roof, and it helps your company delay complete roof replacement. Another great benefit to look forward to is that roof coatings adhere right over your current roof, so you won’t need to pay to have your former roof system removed. When you need an affordable and efficient roofing option, you can count on our industrial roof coatings in Naples and Fort Myers, FL! Call (239) 288-2677 to start now, or to request an estimate from an experienced roofing contractor.