Built Up Roof Repair

When it comes to our building’s roofing systems, we are always searching for a roofing system that is dependable, flexible, and incredibly durable. Fortunately, there is the built up roof, also known as asphalt and gravel roofing, which have one of the greatest roofing reputations in the roofing industry. For over 140 years, built up roofs have been providing commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, restaurants and other industrial buildings with dependable security that is able to continue. The roofing contractors at ProCraft Exteriors are available to provide clients in the Naples and Fort Myers, FL area with built up roofing installations and other roofing services that can have long-lasting security toward severe weather, outdoor elements, and roofing destruction.

A Built Up Roofing System Is One of the Best Options For Your Commercial Property.

Why Choose a Built Up Roof?

Built up roofs have gained the reputation for dependability for over 140 years. This track record has no equal among other various types of commercial roofing systems. Even today, built-up roofs continue to be a widespread selection for commercial properties. The durability and resistance to inclement weather, fire, strong winds, and punctures that built up roofing offers is mightily verified through its persistent use. Proper installation is the key to a built up roof’s longevity and quality. If you want professional expert installation in the Naples and Fort Myers, FL area go with the pro’s at ProCraft Exteriors. Our team understands how to get the most from a built up roofs level of felt, gravel, and tar bonds. Each felt layer provides additional layers of water protection, the tar bongs all of it together, while gravel provides protection on the top layer. If you own an eating establishment, hospital, or similar structure that requires an upgrade, consider built up roof installation Naples and Fort Myers, FL; just contact our professional roofing contractors today at (239) 288-2677 for great built up roofing services.

Choose The Professionals at ProCraft Exteriors

When you are looking for a roofing contractor in the Naples and Fort Myers, FL area who is able to increase the quality of their current roofing system with built up roof installation, turn to the roofers at ProCraft Exteriors. Contact our team at (239) 288-2677 . With decades of knowledge and experience installing, assembling and maintaining built up roofs on restaurants, hospitals, and other buildings, we are able to deliver you a built up roofing assembling that is high-quality, reliable, and resilient.