Professional Flat Roof Leak Detection

Flat Roof Commercial System

Our Experts Protect Your Flat Roof by Exposing Leaks Before They Cause Serious Damage.

Is your flat roof leaking, sagging, or displaying other unusual indications of disrepair? Moisture leaks are severe problems that can cause all kinds of disrepair, along with allow contaminants like mold and mildew into your structure. However, a leak cannot be repaired until it can be found, and finding leaks on flat roof systems is more difficult than you might guess. If you want flat roof leak detection in Naples and Fort Myers, FL for an affordable cost, be sure to contact the experts at ProCraft Exteriors! We’re able to quickly locate the source of flat roofing leaks through the use of infrared roof leak detection techniques, and once we have located it, we offer affordable repairs too. No matter what roof services you require, our experts are waiting at (239) 288-2677 to take your call and schedule an inspection!

Flat Roof Leaks

It’s pretty common for flat roof leaks to happen, as many building owners fall behind on the critical maintenance procedures flat roof systems need. In order to make sure a roof leak doesn’t get worse, or hurt the roof system further, the repair process should start immediately. If leaks aren’t repaired early on, they can get larger very rapidly, and threaten the entire building.

Infrared roof leak detection is a roof method that enables us to find leaks as well as damages on flat roof quicker than any other technique. Any weakened or damaged areas of the roof system are readily visible with our technology, which ensures accurate repairs. This technique even helps us to combat possible damages, by alerting us to weak spots early on. Our flat roof leak detection options are cost-effective, specialized, and designed to provide you with the fast assistance you need.

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Examining Water Damage to Ceiling

Roof Leaks Cause Expensive Internal Water Damage to Your Ceiling and Insulation.

Don’t allow your roofing to get to the brink of failure before calling for repairs! We are specialists in flat roof leak detection in Naples and Fort Myers, FL, and we look forward to helping your project. After locating the leak’s cause on your roof, we will get to work repairing the leak, in addition to any residual damage it may have created. Set up your flat roof leak survey now by talking with the roofing professionals at (239) 288-2677!