Cool Reflective Roof Installation

Commercial roofing materials are often bathed in the sun’s ultraviolet rays. When the heat of the sun increases the temperature of your roof, the temperature in the inside of your building increases as well. Getting a cool roof, also known as a reflective roof installation, can help to dramatically increase your energy efficiency. Cool reflective roofing materials are created to deflect the suns’ UV rays away from your building, instead of adsorbing them. A reflective roof installation will help decrease the roof’s temperature, thus decreasing the internal climate of your building, which helps minimize your heating and cooling bills. If you are interested in the advantages of a cool reflective roof installation, contact our team at ProCraft Exteriors by calling (239) 288-2677. Our professionals have a selection of unique reflective materials and are happy to help you pick the best roof for your commercial needs.

A Reflective Roof Installation Provides Protection Against The Sun’s UV Rays

Why Choose A Reflective Roof Installation

A reflective roof installation can help to improve the energy efficiency of your building and provide other additional advantages. Because cool reflective roofing materials such as single ply membranes and foam roofs do not require as much maintenance and repair as other more traditional roofs, you will save money on roofing replacements. Common and more traditional roofing materials have a tendency to absorb the sun’s heat, which causes damage and harm to the roof’s structure. As the years go by, this can cause the wear and break down of your roofing system and you will need to have it repaired or replaced. Reflective roof installation is different, reflective roofs reflect the sun’s ultraviolet light instead of absorbing it. Reflective roofs are not harmed by the sun causing them to be more durable and significantly longer lasting that the traditional roofing system. Owning and installing a cool reflective roofing system can also help increase the life of your AC units as well. Because a reflective roof decreases the temperature inside your building, this allows your air conditioning units to work less, saving your energy. Less stress on your AC units means they won’t wear down as much saving you money on costly replacements. Another benefit from a reflective roof installation is that they are eco-friendly. Cool reflective roofing systems decrease your air conditioning system’s emissions, which helps the environment.

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