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In regard to standing seam metal roofs, there are several options available that cater to different requirements. Since the varieties are so similar, we have dedicated this page to explain the distinctions of the mechanical lock metal roof design. Preferred for lower sloped roof systems, mechanical lock metal roofing is quite less expensive than the snap lock counterpart.

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The two main options for standing seam roofs are mechanical lock metal panels or snap lock metal panels, depending on what you need. Lower sloped roof systems are more susceptible to leaking, which means a mechanical lock metal roof will be the ideal option, whereas roof systems with steeper slopes can expect adequate protection from snap lock varieties. While your mechanical lock metal roofing will not be installed as quickly as a simple snap lock system, you can count on it to be less costly. Both of the varieties though, are extremely durable, and will defend your building with ease. As with all metal roofs, you can additionally depend on this material to present your structure with increased energy efficiency and minimal maintenance necessities. While it is extremely common to see these materials on commercial roof systems, many modern home styles are also utilizing this resilient roofing solution.

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The projected lifespan of these systems is more than forty years, which means you can expect it to last twice as long as materials such as single ply membranes or asphalt shingles. Due to how long it lasts, these durable roofs will be more costly than some alternative roofing options. For the lifetime of your mechanical lock metal roof however, you will spend less on repair, less on maintenance, and less on replacements. If you are considering discovering more call (239) 288-2677 and speak with one of our roofers about the benefits of each standing seam option. At ProCraft Exteriors, we can help you apply a mechanical lock metal roof in Naples and Fort Myers, FL, or any other metal roofing type.