Siding Repair and Installation

Modern Home Siding

New Home Siding Can Enhance Your Home’s Appearance and Water Protection.

Are you dealing with concerns around your residence created by peeling siding? Your siding secures your home from weather and it is critical that you preserve it properly. Siding is purchasable in a range of styles and products, and each one has different advantages. If you’re needing replacement or siding repair in Naples and Fort Myers, FL, contact our company at (239) 288-2677. Our roofers are expert residential contractors and we’ll take good care of your siding!

The Advantages Of New Siding

You can buy siding in many unique materials, including vinyl, aluminum and cedar. Each kind (especially aluminum) can help your house by raising your home’s energy efficiency, and protecting your home from storms and harmful UV rays. If you dwell in a hot climate, installing a paler dyed siding will increase your residence’s energy efficiency. Would you wish to speak to a roofer concerning siding installation in Naples and Fort Myers, FL? If so, contact us now and talk with one of our helpful associates!

When You Have Siding Issues

Home Siding Project

For Installing New Home Siding or Making Repairs to Existing Siding, Call the Experts.

You may have trouble seeing siding damage, but there are some simple symptoms you can search for to uncover it before it gets really serious. Pale and distorted panels are a sign that your siding is old and should be replaced. Warped panels allow water into your house and you may end up with mold growth. If you see water spots on your siding, it could mean that there is moisture between the siding and the building that is dripping back out through the siding. Don’t overlook water spots! Find out where the water is coming from and contact us.

An additional tell tale sign of issues with your siding is the condition of the nails and caulking that secure the siding panels. If the nails are rusted or sticking out, that can be concerning. If the caulking or sealant has chipped or separated, you probably need repairs or replacement. If you’d like to hire ProCraft Exteriors to complete your siding repair in Naples and Fort Myers, FL, then call (239) 288-2677. If you’d like to learn about our other energy-efficient offerings (such as aluminum roofing and low E windows) ask one of our experienced roofers.