Roof Flashing Repair

One of the hardest things to predict is the weather, and your roof flashing is your last line of protection against the elements. Roof flashing consists of a piece of steel sheet metal that is most commonly used around chimneys, fan vents, plumbing and vent stacks to prevent the water from leaking into the house. Damaged, worn out or defective flashing is the primary sources of roofing leaks. At ProCraft Exteriors we have fully trained technicians to provide quality, friendly, full-service roof flashing repair and maintenance in Naples and Fort Myers, FL.

Flashing helps protect your roof from the elements.

Flaws in Your Flashing Leads to Roof Failure.

Roof flashing protects the seams of your roof and if your flashing has started to deteriorate your roof may have weakened areas vulnerable to rain as a consequence. Compromised flashing allows rainwater to leak into your ceilings, insulation, walls and even the roofing itself. If this has happened to you it is important to contact us right away for any and all questions or issues about roof flashing.

Signs You Might Need Roof Flashing Repair

Roof flashing repairs usually take place at the same time as regular roof repairs and maintenance. Damage to your flashing could occur at a point though, so it’s important to keep on the lookout for signs of trouble. Call us right away at (239) 288-2677 if you think you may need repairs made to your roof flashing.

Corrosion or Rust: Despite its durability, metal flashing can require repair over time. If left to continue, rust can corrode the flashing to the point where it becomes utterly useless.The presence of rust works as an excellent signal that your roof flashing needs servicing.

Old Age: It is typically common for older residences to use roof cement or tar as flashing. As these substances begin to degrade, the owner of the residence will need to arrange for an inspection. When we service, repair or replace a home’s flashing, we install new, first-class high-quality metal.

Water Leaks: If you notice possible leaks in your roof, damaged or improper flashing may be the culprit. Flashing’s sole purpose is to guard your roof against wear and any pieces of flashing that have begun to leak need to be repaired or replaced immediately.

Contact our Team As Soon As Possible

You can always contact us at (239) 288-2677 to schedule an appointment and one of our trained professionals will provide a full roof inspection, reveal any damaged areas, and repair or replace as needed. ProCraft Exteriors services the Naples and Fort Myers, FL area and are the experts to call for all your roof flashing needs.