Soffit and Fascia Repair

The typical homeowner is aware that there are a lot of parts to know when it comes to your home’s roofing system. However, some words such as soffit and fascia repair are not very common. At ProCraft Exteriors we service the Naples and Fort Myers, FL area and we know it is a lot easier to make a decision when our customers have all the knowledge and understanding about their roofing system. With that being said, here are some common things to know about your roof’s soffit and fascia.

The Soffit and Fascia Safeguards Your Home and Roof From UV rays, Water Damage and More.

 What Is The Importance of the Soffit and Fascia?

The fascia is located along the outside perimeter of your roof and serves as your gutter system’s main attachment point. Fascia is important because it protects the house from water and structural damage. The word “soffit” stems from the French language, and means “something fixed underneath.”  It’s most commonly used around a building’s main roof, and its main function is to protect your rafters from the elements. Soffit and fascia are both important parts to a home’s roofing system, not only do they protect your roof from damage, but they also provide a smooth and finished look to the roof. If you suspect your home is in need of soffit and fascia repair in Naples and Fort Myers, FL, contact the experts at ProCraft Exteriors at (239) 288-2677 to schedule an appointment.

Safeguarding Your Soffit and Fascia

As a homeowner if you want to keep your roof in pristine condition regularly scheduled maintenance and inspection is key. Fortunately, your fascia is easy to visually observe. Make sure there are no broken or sagging areas, and keep a look out for any birds or animals that may be building a nest in between your gutters and fascia. Clearing any leaves or debris in your home’s gutters helps to prevent damage or rot to your fascia.

When monitoring your soffit, look for any hints of moisture in the attic and pay attention to any sudden spikes in your cooling and heating costs. If an issue with your home’s soffit or fascia does arise, contact ProCraft Exteriors to schedule an inspection.

Our trained professionals will provide excellent customer service and top-notch quality for fascia and soffit repair in Naples and Fort Myers, FL and make sure its done right! At ProCraft Exteriors we provide unparalleled installations and repairs at affordable prices. Call us today at (239) 288-2677 to schedule your appointment with one of our roofing experts today.