Roof Insurance Claims Help

Insurance claims can be complicated, especially if you have experienced roof damage due to severe weather and high winds. Insurance claims can be a daunting part of home ownership for most people. It can be very difficult to tell what damage to claim and if not repaired quickly, the destruction to your home can cause more damage and costly repairs. At ProCraft Exteriors, we are the leader when it comes to roof damage insurance claims. We will work with your homeowners insurance to provide you an easy haste free roof damage repair experience.

Let Our Experts Deal With The Insurance Company After Any Storm Or Roof Damage.

Our roofing experts will thoroughly inspect your entire home and roofing system for damage. Once we discover all the problem areas, our team will work with you and your insurance to ensure you receive quality, professional and prompt service. Our team of experts are always ready when you need roof repair or replacement services in the Naples and Fort Myers, FL community. Contact our team today at (239) 288-2677 to start your roof insurance claim. We work alongside your insurance adjuster to make sure any key damage or needed repairs are not overlooked.

Your Roofing Claim Process

After your home has been damaged by a storm call us immediately to schedule an inspection from our roofing professional. Once you notify your insurance company, they will send an adjuster to inspect the damage. After your insurance adjuster has appraised the damage to your home and roof, he or she will generate an insurance claim report, which states what repairs are suggested. Having the experts at ProCraft Exteriors inspect your house first will help let you as well as the insurance adjuster know exactly what the damage is and what repairs are needed. Once the evaluation is complete, the adjuster will submit his claims report to your homeowners insurance. After your claim is approved, repairs can start when you receive your damage report and check. After we complete all the repairs needed, we will send a finalized invoice to your homeowners insurance company.

Call Our Experts Now!

ProCraft Exteriors are the roofing contractors you want in your corner whenever you need roofing services in the Naples and Fort Myers, FL area. From the first assessment, to replacement and repairs we provide hassle free roof insurance claims help throughout every stage of the process. Contact our ProCraft Exteriors team at (239) 288-2677 to schedule your roof damage inspection and insurance claim today!