Wind Damage Roof Repair

Although only a little bit of damage to most home and roofing system comes from hail and rain storms, most people believe these are the only two ways sever weather can affect your home. High winds are actually the main culprit when it comes to home damage from sever storm weather. Many sections of your roof can be affected by high wind damage such as, insulation, roof decking, etc. Damage to these areas from high winds can result in other problems such as water leaks and mold and mildew growth. High winds can also impact your roofing system indirectly by spreading debris and tree branches. These high winds can uproot trees, causing the debris to strike your home and roof, scratching and breaking shingles or even sending a whole tree branch through your roof. Debris from high winds can even clog and block your gutters and drainage system. This will cause water to build up on top of the roof, weakening your roofs structural integrity.

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Wind Damage Roof Inspection

If you are searching for a reliable roof wind damage repair company in  Naples and Fort Myers, FL, look no further than the wind damage roof repair experts at ProCraft Exteriors. Our team of professional roofing contractors are waiting to speak with you regarding any questions you may have about your roofs wind damage contact us now at (239) 288-2677.

ProCraft Exteriors Are the Wind Damage Repair Experts

To determine what services you will require after your home or business has suffered wind damage to the roof, you can do a quick in person inspection. Once you are on the roof, look around to see if there is any loose materials or debris. If you see any moisture or damage this may be a sign that your roof has sustained wind damage and there can be possible leaks in the roofing structure. However some damage can not be visible directly, as some damage can lie dormant underneath the layers of your roof. For a more in depth and through inspection call the wind damage roof repair experts at ProCraft Exteriors. We pride ourselves on our service and quality, so whenever you have experienced wind damage call our roof repair experts at (239) 288-2677 for prompt service in Naples and Fort Myers, FL.